Posters - 1

A themed set of posters with a retro look for an Iranian campaign against enforced hejab (head covering) in November 2009.

Posters - 2

Three examples from a set of posters for the 2010 Global Prisoner of Conscience Awareness Campaign co-ordinated via 12june.org website by United4Iran in partnership with Amnesty Internationa, Reporters Without Borders and many NGOs and rights groups worldwide.

Posters - 3

Sometimes posters call attention to individuals, as in the case of imprisoned Iranian student Majid Tavakoli, exiled Iranian Human Rights advocate Ahmad Batebi, or to causes, like the 'Hejab Protest' against enforced headcovering for women in Iran.

Posters - 4

Posters represent a rich visual history of activism and are often remembered as icons of particular movements.


Half-page tabloid newspaper advertisement for 12june.org Global Prisoner of Conscience Awareness campaign placed in the Johannesburg Saturday Star.


This large format advert covers the entire rear section of a single deck commuter bus, one of two such adverts used in Johannesburg as part of the 12june.org Global Prisoners of Conscience Awareness campaign.


A small selection of the avatars, profile pictures and logos created for supporters of Human & Civil Rights in Iran since June 2009.


Top: Huge banner highlighting 8 Prisoners of Conscience (POCs) facing execution in Iran. Each image is created as a mosaic using pictures of all the POCs from the global campaign.
Bottom: Mobile billboard/banner artwork for the 7 leaders of the Baha'i religion, imprisoned for over 2 years in Iran, created for use in London and New Delhi.


Another two mobile billboard banners. Hangameh's was displayed in Los Angeles, and Habibollah's in London & Stockholm.


12june.org partners used these banners in Munich & Los Angeles (Jafar) and in Venice (Madieh).


Large format banners using the POC mosaic motif used in Istanbul, Tokyo, Stockholm (Majid) & Amsterdam (Bahareh).


A set of four customisable flyers for the 2010 Global Prisoner of Conscience Awareness campaign for 12june.org. The 2 on top row were created as PDF forms to enable ease of use for local campaign organizers.


Timeline illustrating events up to and after the execution of 5 Prisoners of Conscience in Iran 9 May 2010.


Harnessing World Cup 2010 energy for Human Rights to promote awareness of Prisoners of Conscience in Iran.


An integral element of the Global Awareness Campaign for Prisoners of Conscience (POC) in June 2010 was for each city to send thousands of postcards carrying information about their adopted POC to embassies and consulates.


Simple set of images for use as page headers on the Shoonze Azar protest website November 2010.


Always a popular item for campaigners and protesters, TShirts are also a great talking point for advocacy.


TShirts are one of the most desirable items of memorabilia for events.

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