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positive attention
  • Excellent transaction, very helpful and understanding and willing to go the extra mile to help out. Top marks Liss, many thanks I will definitely return to you in the future. Tom, hartshorns.biz
  • Liss solved my Wordpress problem within just a few minutes, after I had spent hours trying to figure it out myself. I can't wait to use her again! Connie, KillerWebinars.com
  • Seeing our banners everywhere has been amazing. They look so good and the mosaic part turned out great. You did such an amazing job. Firuzeh, 12june.org
  • This is so nice you could do this today. I really really appreciate it. Connie, StowersOrthodontics.com
  • Thank you so much for doing all the changes, its great! I am very pleased with the new site. Louise, Women At Risk UK
  • It looks great - I really like the photos and how its all come together! Emily, Ethiopiad UK
  • Many thanks for setting this up - it does look very professional. Sandra, DDOCA
  • Just to say thanks for holding my hand as I took my first tentative steps into your online world. Sarah, Save Surrey Green Belt Campaign