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I only work for good people

I want to help people complete their projects with efficiency, creativity and drive. My special area of interest is human and civil rights.

2011: Campaign to Save Mauritania's Fisheries (Campaign planning, Multi-language website design & development, petition, media relations, conference, video, graphics, integrated social network strategy)

2011: Iran Prisoner Information Report (Design, Data management, Infographics)

2010: International Human Rights Day 2010 Arts Showcase (Campaign design, management, site build, maintenance)

2010: One Million Voices for Iran campaign (Campaign strategy & management, Domain & site management, Design, Build, Maintenance)

2010: Stowers Orthodontics (Website Update)

2010: KID Data (Project Plan Documentation)

2010: Killer Webinars (WordPress Site Update)

2010: Hartshorns (Website & Graphics)

2010: United 4 Iran - 12june.org (Campaign Artwork)

2010: Melody Moezzi (Domain Management, Layout)

2010: Global Freedom Movement (FaceBook Page)

2010: Global Freedom Movement (WordPress Site)

2009: i can haz VOTE? (Activist Humor)

2009: Don't Drive Our Children Away (Activist Website)

2008: ENVIROprint (project: click to see ENVIROprint logo)

2008: Women at Risk UK (merged: click to see screenshot)

2007: Ethiopiaid UK (click to see screenshot)

2007: British Colonial Africa (SEO and domain management)

2006: giveTHING (site closed: click to see logo)